Getting Bent

… Or trying not to.

There’s an old saying you get what you pay for. Sometimes you find out this saying is truer than most. Case in point, tools. A 99 cent screwdriver is bargain, and it even gets the job done.  However a great bargain on a hand tool can cost you in the end.

We had a bus come in with a axle nut that would not move. It was tight and tight is always good, but over tight is BAD. First we tried the breaker bar we had on hand, one I had for years. OOPPSS. Bent, I mean BENT! So I bought a nice socket wrench from a local tool supply house and BENT. Third purchase and SNAP. Finally I purchased a American made breaker bar for $83.00 bucks SUCCESS. So it took $130.00 and lesson learned.

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7 Responses to Getting Bent

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