Scam Alert (This is not a test)

Hello again everyone it’s Dawn with some more words of wisdom.

Recently I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend on the internet. On my recent views of sites like Craigslist I seen a few ads for “Part Sourcing” or “Part Locator” for VW parts. These people state that they can help you find and buy a part for a fee. Not buy a part for you but just tell you where you can locate a part then pay them a set amount for that information.

We here at Ernest’s don’t think that’s right. Why should someone get paid to give out information? Anytime you contact someone to find a part that should be FREE. We NEVER charge to help someone find a part we don’t have in stock. And if someone is working on the up and up they shouldn’t either.

In fact here’s some companies we refer to for parts we don’t have or carry in stock. This information is FREE. We don’t charge you or them to give their names out: – They’re a GREAT resource for Watercooled VW parts. Even NEW VW parts! I needed a cold start jet for my ’87 Cabrio and everyone in town said they couldn’t get one and no one was making them anymore. I called Parts Place not only did they have new ones but great pricing on the good used. I bought the used one and it worked just like new. – Wonderful source for older VW parts. If you don’t need OEM they probably have what you need. Their website is clear on where the parts come from so you know if it’s made by Wolfsburg or from Germany etc. – Great source for body panels if you can’t find any original pieces. Carry lots of new parts. My favorite is the Plug and Chug. It’s a cup holder that fits in the ashtray hole on ’68 and new VWs. It even has a cell phone holder on the front! It makes trips in my Westy a lot more fun. And for the older VWs they have cup holders to fit them too.

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