Payments and Such

Dawn here with a clarification on our payment policies and other items that a few problem children have had issue with lately. So to make our life easier and to save on drama here we go.

First is type of payments that we accept.

-Cash. US currency. No Pesos, Euros, or Pounds.

-Checks. Made out to Ernest Calabro not Old Volkswerks. Jay’s bank is still working on getting the business name on the account. So until further notice no checks can be accepted made out to anyone other than Ernest Calabro.

-Paypal. We’ve had some problems with this payment type. We accept Paypal as a convenience to you not that we are not that big of a fan of Paypal. For those of you that don’t know Paypal charges a fee to the Payee for Paypal payments not the Payer. So we add the fee WE get charge back to the Payer since we accepted the this payment type as a courtesy to you.

Second is payments in general.

Since we had a few bad apples lately dropping off engines and cars for work then changing their minds after we’ve started repairs here is the policy from now to the end of time.

-NO work will start until you pay HALF of the estimated cost for repairs i.e. if your bill is going to cost around $300.00 we need half, $150.00, to start work. (We are happy to give you a written estimate upon request.) No work will start until we have receive half PERIOD. We have had to do this because a few people have dropped off engines or cars and we paid for parts for them and start repairs, they changed their minds and want to pick up and not pay anything for time and materials. NO MORE. We aren’t a large business and we can’t absorb the cost of parts paid for and time spend for nothing. If you change your mind after repairs have started and parts bought NO REFUND of the half down will be given. If you can’t make up your mind on what you want don’t waste our time.

Third is Labour costs.

- Bugs $65.00 per Hour

- Bus, Type 3 and Type 4 $75.00 per Hour

Forth item is Mobile Repair.

If you call wanting a mobile repair and we show up and you don’t have any work done just want a assessment or decide you can’t afford to have the work done it is NOT FREE. I’ve lost track of the times we were called to a car on the other side of Tucson and the owner getting upset when we hand then a bill for an hour of Labour. No $20.00 dollars for gas won’t cut it since that doesn’t even cover the gas we used to get there. See above for the labour rates. And if you do call wanting mobile repair please be sure your car as the following:

-Gas (We have had a few people call thinking we’re AAA. No we don’t deliver gas for free nor are we a mobile gas station).

-Oil (Sure we provide oil with oil changes and such but you don’t put any in it we can’t run it).

-Good charged battery (Had a few people thinking the same of batteries as gas once again WE ARE NOT AAA. We can’t tell if it can run if the battery is dead).

We don’t generally carry these items and it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure your car has these items in order for us to diagnose it’s running problems. So don’t get pissy with us if you can’t keep up on basis maintenance or we don”t have something with us to fix your car.

Fifth and final is storage of items.

We are not a free storage facility. If you do not pick up your car after repairs and have not made arrangements with us to store and we don’t hear back from you within one week storage fees will be applied. $50.00 per week will then be added to your bill after 6 months we instate a mechanic’s lien and after a year the car will be considered abandoned property. I’m sorry to do it but a few people have left cars here for over a year never calling, writing or anything then wanting to tow them out not paying us for anything. So no more.

In closing if you don’t agree with any of this please save me and Jay the hassle and go somewhere else.

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