About Volkswerks

Volkswerks is located in Marana, and can be reached during
normal business hours by telephone at 520-319-8850.

Ernest believes in quality, professional repair at a fair price. You do not get charged for work unless you authorize it to be done. We are the working man’s friend.

Ernest started working part-time in the largest independent VW repair shop in Denver in 1981, when he was going to precision machining trade school. His duties were to maintain equipment and the shop. He worked in the machine shop, tearing down VW engines, grinding lifters, crank shafts, valves, and flywheels.

After 1983, Ernest went to help the engine builder from work who had gone out on his own to open a VW repair business. Cars, boats, motorcycles and hotrods have always been in Ernest’s blood, not to mention the love of having a used salvage yard.

While working with his friend building bug engines, he also parted out, bought and sold cars, trucks, and motorcycles. After a few years, Ernest decided to work for himself. That was in 1986.

He’s been working on VWs (etc.) ever since.

In 2000, Ernest moved to Tucson and worked at a local VW shop, until that shop closed for the summer. At that time, Ernest’s Old Volkswerks was formed. He has over 30 Volkswagens and needs more.

He loves what he does and plans to do it until he dies. Ernest has owned hundreds of cars. His first Volkswagen was a 1973 Super Beetle Autostick. It was soon changed to a 4-speed, and the engine was rebuilt to 1641cc. The longblock was completely balanced, had a 3-angle performance valve job, tested and ported heads, a lightened flywheel, an 8-dowel crankshaft, and a C-35 scat cam. After selling the Super Beetle, he bought a 1971 Squareback, which he reconverted back to the original fuel injection system. Next was a ’68 bus… …

Ernest's Old Volkswerks of Tucson, Arizona

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