Volkswerks has been working with old Volkswagens for over 25 years. There isn’t a lot that can’t be done for your Volkswagen here:

Restoration work

Even in Arizona, rust and the sun take their toll on vehicles that are older than most of their owners. Whether you want to have a perfectly straight Ghia, or would rather not see the road through your floorboards, we have the spare parts to put restore your old VW.

Engines and Performance Tuning

Need a new engine? We rebuild, restore, and rev up old engines every day. Perhaps you want to have a genuine old-school 40-horse, or want to make the fastest Volkswagen on the block. Maybe you just want better gas mileage, or are racing every weekend. No matter the demand, we can build it or tune it to what you need.

Body Work

For some reason, mechanics in Tucson seem to avoid body work. Ernest takes real pride in a perfectly-fitting door, seamlessly-repaired panel, and other important repairs.

Electrical Work

Old electrical wiring can cause you to lose power to basic and important parts of your car, or worse can short out and start a fire. Don’t wait until your car is a rolling fire hazard to have your car fixed up!

Brakes, Suspension, and Transmission

A beautiful car does no good if it can’t go, stop, or rattles your teeth out.

24-hour towing and mobile repair

One great feature of our new location in Avra Valley is that we are providing mobile repair and towing. If you can’t get to us for any reason, and need a repair or tune up, no worries. For easy repairs, we can work from your home and for the major issues we can tow to and from our shop.

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